Speak out Sutton is one of the ways you can tell us what you think about the important issues in Sutton. We will publish topics on this site and we would love to hear from you!

You can submit your own ideas and comment on those put forward by other people.


Current discussions

  1. RSS Feed for 'NorthCheamWorcesterPark' discussion NorthCheamWorcesterPark

    The council has funding to improve North Cheam and Worcester Park. This page is a conversation about what issues affect these centres and peoples ideas of what sorts of activities to do.

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  2. RSS Feed for 'Health and Wellbeing' discussion Health and Wellbeing

    Good health can be like trying to define the proverbial elephant, difficult to describe but easy to spot when we see it. People have told us that being in good health is hugely important to them but we often don’t appreciate this until we become ill. What does good health look like to you?

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  3. RSS Feed for 'What do you want to know?' discussion What do you want to know?

    Sutton Council wants to make our data as open as possible, so what would you be interested in knowing more about?

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Past discussions

  1. RSS Feed for 'The future of libraries in Sutton' discussion The future of libraries in Sutton

    We are currently looking at how we can save £935,000 from our libraries and heritage service. The Council has committed to keeping all of its main libraries open but still needs to find savings.

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  2. RSS Feed for 'Saving £1 million in Street Cleansing costs' discussion Saving £1 million in Street Cleansing costs

    As a part of the Council's Smarter Services Sutton transformation programme we are looking at how we can make savings of £1 million in the cost of the street cleansing service.

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  3. RSS Feed for 'Saving £925,000 in Waste Collection Costs' discussion Saving £925,000 in Waste Collection Costs

    We need to save £925,000 in the cost of collecting waste in Sutton. The service is being reviewed as a part of our Smarter Services Sutton transformation programme.

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  4. RSS Feed for 'Sutton's Big Society' discussion Sutton's Big Society

    In Sutton the Big Society is about making sure you know what's going on, making sure you can have your say and get involved in what happens in your area. We would like to know what the Big Society means to you.

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